Getting In-Depth with Color Correction/Grading

As I look into Color Correction or grading more and more, I get to see more information on this subject. I say thank you to the internet right now that I have all this information that I can access for free! I am currently looking at videos from “Creative COW” on Color Correction/ Grading. And I am also looking at this blog on “7 tips for HD Color Correction and DSLR Color Correction“. Please click the pink links so you know what I am currently talking about.


From: Shane Hurlbut/

From this learning content I am learning the order of Color Correction, tools that are used, and other things like adding vignettes and Workspaces in AE (After Effects). Let me explain one thing to you guys.

“Workspaces” – You select a workspace when you create a project in After Effects. It practically is a code that says that it’s for the television or a computer monitor. If you don’t select the correct workspace it will look different on different computer monitors and televisions. So you just select on and it will know how to convert it to another monitor and the colors will be the same as you have seen them on your computer. Or else the colors will shift into a whole other color. Very important info…

You may not understand but I understand… LOL. You don’t need too… I notice when you spend more hours on a subject, just the exposure of learning the subject just makes you smarter in what you are studying. Just doing it is very important. It’s really better than nothing.

I also have to learn cinematography with the editing. Because it seems like it’s only about 2 people working on this film right now. “Me and my dad” But this is good for me though. Learning all the aspects of making a film is better than learning just one aspect because if you want to make more films in the future, you will have to know how everything works. Especially if you on a budget.

That’s what I have been working on and thinking about for the past couple of days. So I hope that you understood this blog and have a nice day.

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